Simple Movement was founded out of necessity. 

While sitting on 'the client side' of the business, partners Vanessa and Matt realized early on that there were many factors which influenced whether a course was beautiful, engaged its learners and met its desired learning outcomes.

After wringing their hands, wondering why or how the courses they'd once held such high hopes for turned out to be flat, boring and reminiscent of static slides from the most painful Powerpoint presentation they'd been forced to sit through while wearing uncomfortable shoes at a boring conference with bad coffee and stale muffins...  Feeling sorry for themselves, they did some self-reflecting.

Not surprising to many people, but a strike of lightning for the partners - it became clear that if they want better outcomes, they needed to ask better questions.  If they wanted their courses to reach and be accessible to more people, they needed to design their courses from the ground-up and consider the needs of every type of user.  And - they reasoned, if they don't want to take any more boring e-Courses themselves, they just wouldn't make them and wouldn't further contribute to e-Course landfills.

They've covered a lot of ground since their e-Course manifesto was crafted and the team has grown to include highly talented Instructional Designers, Developers, Subject Matter Experts and a deep bench of utility members and project coordinators.  The Simple Movement team realizes that they're not alone in their analysis or needs (people want more beautiful, thoughtful e-Courses, right?!).   They push to design better and better e-Courses, make them gorgeous and function well. They aim with each project to make this process as painless and turn-key for all of their clients and their users. 

If you want more for your users, let's reach new heights together - Simple Movement will make this easy, promise. 

The Partners.



Vanessa Dunn
Partner, Operations, Design & Development



Matt Foran

Partner, Business Development & Strategic Growth


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Open Positions - Apply Here

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Instructional Designer

The Instructional Designer establishes the main course architecture and works to define how the course's learning outcomes are met in an engaging online learning environment.


  • Strong curriculum development and planning skills
  • Must be curious and ambitious with a demonstrated history of learning from mistakes they have made and can laugh about it now
  • Must not take themselves too seriously
  • Excellent communication skills (be able to give and receive constructive critiques, be timely with team communications and be friendly)

Instructional Developer

In our world, the Instructional Developer takes the Designer's blueprints and adds elements which make the courses sing and dance and look really good.


  • Strong graphic design, curriculum and educational planning skills
  • Strong skills in any related software related to Instructional Development (Articulate Storyline, Captivate, etc.)
  • Be able to define, reflect and critique their own style sensibilities, habits, defaults and bad habits
  • Be able to define and replicate what they define as beautifully developed courses (and art too) 
  • Take their work seriously, but able to laugh at themselves
  • Must be able to make mistakes and demonstrate ability to learn from them


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